A bit of cleaning and more

Intrigued by the statistical analysis of the ceramics from Square 2b, the southern extension of SAV1E, with its high percentage of early to mid 18th Dynasty pottery, I decided today to devote some more time to this area.

Overview of part of Square 2b, looking towards North-West showing feature 27 and its surroundings

A bit of cleaning around feature 27 (which yielded the Post-Pharaonic basket) was conducted and of the relevant ceramics 74 % are again 18th Dynasty in date, only 26 % are post-dating the New Kingdom. However, this is a small assemblage of 114 sherds in total with only 12 diagnostic pieces of the 18th Dynasty. Fine-processing of the ceramics is on-going and I am very positive that more bits and pieces of New Kingdom activities at SAV1E will be soon traceable!

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