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New Kingdom and Late Period Egypt; Upper Nubia; Material culture (including semiotic aspects of interpreting the archaeological evidence); Settlement archaeology and Social relationships; Cultural identities (in particular Kushites in Egypt); Funerary culture and Mortuary architecture; Cult of Osiris at Abydos




2007    Dr phil awarded in Egyptology, University of Vienna, Austria

2000    Mphil in Egyptology, University of Vienna, Austria

1995-2000     Study of Egyptology (Major) and Classical Archaeology (Minor), University of Vienna


Since 04/2015    Professor for Egyptian Archaeology and Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Since 12/2012    Principal Investigator of the ERC Starting Grant project AcrossBorders, hosted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences from 12/2012 to 03/2015; transfered to Munich in 04/2015

10/2012-10/2017    Principal Investigator of FWF START project “Across ancient borders and cultures”, hosted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OREA, Egypt & Levant)

03/2011-07/2012    Assistant Professor (Universitätsassistentin PostDOC) at the University of Vienna, Institute of Egyptology (granted leave from Humboldt University)

04-07/2010            Lecturer at the University of Leipzig, Institute of Egyptology

01/2004-10/2012    Scientific Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, Humboldt University Berlin, Department of Egyptology and Northeast African Archaeology


2015-2018            Member of the board of directors of the Young Academy (http://www.oeaw.ac.at/en/science-and-society/members-of-the-oeaw/the-learned-society/young-academy/board-of-directors/)

2014-2016            Member of the Akademierat, Austrian Academy of Sciences (http://www.oeaw.ac.at/die-oeaw/gremien-der-oeaw/akademierat/)

since 2014             Member of the “Junge Kurie” – “Young Academy”, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna, http://www.oeaw.ac.at/en/the-oaw/mitglieder-der-oeaw/young-academy/)

since 2014             Member of the managing board of the “Freunde des Naturhistorischen Museums” (http://freunde.nhm-wien.ac.at/)

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5 thoughts on “Budka Julia

  1. Dear Dr. Budka
    First of all I want to apologize for sending this email and disturbing your busy schedule, I am from Sai Island (Debasha village at the most south west of the Island). I follow regularly your posts related to your great mission on Sai Island.
    I kindly request you to answer/ explain the following:-
    1- How you and your steamed team managed to control the change in your life style during your mission in Sai? (I mean the change in the fundamental human needs from your high standard living style in your home country and the low standards in Sai),
    2- Based on your answer for the above what are the main threats or problems which we have to solve if we want to develop and improve our life standard in Sai?
    3- In my opinion the quality of drinking water is one of the main threats, as part of your cooperate social responsibility could you please advise /suggest a solution?
    Note: – As you are busy now I am not expecting immediate reply to my questions.
    Best Regards to you and your team.
    I wish you a successful mission with all of my heart…

    • Dear Hisham, many thanks for your interest and all these important questions! I will reply via email… Many thanks again for all of your wishes – I am especially delighted to communicate with someone from Sai Island! My very best wishes, Julia

  2. Dear Prof. Julia,
    As per the news our government signed yesterday 3/11/15 agreements with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, accordingly Saudi Arabia will finance the Kajbar and Dal dam projects….PLEASE HELP US TO STOP THOSE DESTRUCTIVE DAMS IN OUR LAND

    • Dear Hisham,
      many thanks – did not hear about this new development! Will check out the details, thanks again!

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