Core team FWF

Complementary to the ERC project AcrossBorders, research is carried out within the framework of the FWF project „Across ancient borders and cultures“.The FWF project is directed by Julia Budka and hosted by OREA, Egypt & Levant.

For Sai Island, the focal points are a virtual reconstruction of the town area, the assessment of the so-called fire dogs and the study of human remains from the main New Kingdom cemetery (planned for the 2015 season). On Elephantine Island, work focuses on the study of the ceramics from 18th Dynasty levels. The well preserved building H55 from the early 18th Dynasty will be taken as a case study (in cooperation with the Swiss Institute Cairo).

Thanks to our cooperation with the Technical University Vienna (DI Robert Kalasek), the processing of the 3D-Laserscanning campaign data is currently conducted by Ingrid Adenstedt.

Ingrid Adenstedt (architect; 3D reconstructions and processing of laserscanning data)

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