Adenstedt Ingrid


Building research and settlement archaeology, building documentation (incl. 3D-laserscanning), processing and analysis of 3D-data, reconstruction and visualization



2003 – 2006            Doctorate studies at the Institute for Building Archaeology, Technical University, Vienna; Dr. techn. awarded in March 2006

1997 – 2003            Study of Pre- and Early History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna

1989 – 1997            Study of Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, diploma in June 1997


10/2014-09/2015         Researcher of the FWF START project Y-615; architectural study and visualization of the New Kingdom town of Sai Island (Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

2005-2014               Building archaeologist for several research projects of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture, Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the University of Vienna

2002-2004               Scientific employee at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture, Austrian Academy of Sciences


Reconstructing Pharaonic Architecture in Nubia: the case study of SAV1, Sai Island, Contributions to the Archaeology of Egypt, Nubia and the Levant 3, Vienna 2016.



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