Fieldwork 2015

This year, we are more international than ever: archaeologists, students and specialists from India, Ireland, US, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and of course Sudan participate in the AcrossBorders 2015 season.


The team members of the 2015 season are the following in alphabethic order:

  • Julia Budka (ERC)
  • Giulia d’Ercole (ERC)
  • Martin Fera (ERC)
  • Kenneth Griffin (ERC)
  • Meg Gundlach (ERC)
  • Frits Heinrich (external expert, ERC)
  • Stefanie Juch (ERC)
  • Huda Magzoub (NCAM)
  • Pierre Meyrat (ERC)
  • Sayan­tani Neogi (ERC)
  • Silvia Prell (ERC)
  • Miranda Semple (ERC)
  • Anna Sonnberger (FWF)
  • Andrea Stadlmayr (FWF)
  • Oliver Frank Stephan (FWF)
  • Florence Thill (external expert, ERC)
  • Sabine Tschorn (FWF)
  • Jaime van der Heul (external expert, ERC)
  • Jördis Vieth (ERC)
  • Marlies Wohlschlager (FWF)

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