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List of publications with results of the project (status April 2018)


Budka, Julia & Johannes Auenmüller (eds.), From Microcosm to Macrocosm. Individual households and cities in Ancient Egypt and Nubia, Leiden 2018 (forthcoming,

Budka, Julia, Palaces in so-called Nubian temple towns: A reassessment, in: Manfred Bietak and Silvia Prell (eds.), Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Palaces. Volume I. Proceedings of the Conference on Palaces in Ancient Egypt, held in London 12th – 14th June 2013, Contributions to the Archaeology of Egypt, Nubia and the Levant 5, Vienna, 251–273.

Budka, Julia, The Urban Landscape of Upper Nubia (Northern Sudan) in the Second Millennium BC, in: Barbara Horejs et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 25-29 April 2016, Vienna, vol. 2, Wiesbaden 2018, 175–189.

Budka, Julia, Sai in the New Kingdom. An ancient Egyptian outpost in Sudan, Current World Archaeology 88, 2018, 22–28.

Budka, Julia, The fortified pharaonic town on Sai Island: new results from current fieldwork (2013-2014), in: Matthieu Honegger and Jérôme Dubosson (eds.), Nubian Studies 2014, Proceedings of the Conference, 259‒266 (in press).

Julia Budka, with an appendix by Giulia d’Ercole, Egyptian pottery from the New Kingdom temple town of Sai Island, in: Romain David (ed.), Egyptian pottery in ancient Sudan: imports, imitations and influences, Cahiers de la céramique égyptienne 11, Cairo 2018, 107‒133 (in press).

Julia Budka, with an appendix by Giulia d’Ercole, Oases wares from Sai Island, New Kingdom town, in: Sylvie Marchand  (ed.), Édition des actes de la table ronde de l’Ifao au Caire le 19 au 20 décembre 2011 « La céramique du désert occidental d’Égypte de la fin du Néolithique à l’époque arabe. La Marmarique, le Wadi Natroun et les oasis de Siwa, Bahariya, Dakhla et Kharga », Cahier de la céramique égyptienne 12, Numéro spécial, Caire 2018 (in press).


Budka, Julia (ed.), AcrossBorders I, The New Kingdom Town of Sai Island, Sector SAV1 North, Contributions to the Archaeology of Egypt, Nubia and the Levant 4, Vienna 2017.

D’Ercole, Giulia, Julia Budka, Johannes H. Sterba, Elena A. A. Garcea & Dieter Mader, The successful ‘recipe’ for a long-lasting tradition: Nubian ceramic assemblages from Sai Island (Northern Sudan) from prehistoric times to the New Kingdom period, Antiquity, Vol. 91, Nr. 355, 2017, 24‒42 [].

Budka, Julia, Crossing Borders: Settlement Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan, Near Eastern Archaeology 80/1, 2017, 14‒21.

Budka, Julia, The 18th Dynasty on Sai Island – new data from excavations in the town area and cemetery SAC5, Sudan and Nubia 21, 2017, 71‒81.

Budka, Julia, Pyramid cemetery SAC5, Sai Island, Northern Sudan: An update based on fieldwork from 2015–2017, Ägypten und Levante 27, 2017, 107‒130.

Budka, Julia, Constructing royal authority in New Kingdom towns in Nubia: some thoughts based on inscribed monuments from private residences, in: Tamás Bács and Horst Beinlich (eds.), 8. Königsideologie, Constructing Authority. Prestige, Reputation and the Perception of Power in Egyptian Kingship. Budapest, May 12–14, 2016, Wiesbaden 2017, 29–45.

Budka, Julia, The Egyptian town on Sai Island, in: Eugenio Fantusati and Marco Baldi (eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth Day for Nubian Studies, Serie Orientale Roma 9, Rome 2017, 45–60.

Budka, Julia, Life in the New Kingdom town of Sai Island: some new perspectives, in: Nubia in the New Kingdom. Lived Experience, Pharaonic Control and Indigenous Traditions, ed. by Neal Spencer, Anna Stevens, Michaela Binder, British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan 3, Leuven 2017, 429–447.

Budka, Julia, Das Grab eines Goldschmiedemeisters auf Sai in Obernubien, Sokar 35, 2017, 52–63.

Budka, Julia, The Tomb of a Master of Gold-workers on Sai Island, Ancient Egypt 18, No. 3, 2017/2018, 14–20.


Adenstedt, Ingrid, Reconstructing Pharaonic Architecture in Nubia, The Case Study of SAV1, Sai Island, Contribution to the Archaeology of Egypt, Nubia and the Levant 3, Vienna 2016.

Budka, Julia, The New Kingdom town on Sai Island – establishing the date of its foundation: potential and limits of ceramic studies, CRIPEL 30, 2012-2013 [2016], 45‒63.

Budka, Julia, Egyptian cooking pots from the Pharaonic town of Sai Island, Nubia, Bulletin de liaison de la céramique égyptienne 26, 2016, 285‒295.

Budka, Julia & Martin Fera, Leben und Tod auf der Nilinsel Sai – GIS-gestützte Untersuch­ungen zu einer pharaonischen Tempelstadt in Obernubien, AGIT ‒ Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, 2-2016, 18‒24.

Budka, Julia, Vessels of life: New evidence for creative aspects in material remains from domestic sites, in: Bettina Bader, Christian M. Knoblauch and E. Christiana Köhler (eds.), Vienna 2 Ancient Egyptian Ceramics in the 21st Century, Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Vienna 14th-18th of May, 2012, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 245, Leuven 2016, 85‒102.

Budka, Julia, Neues zum Pyramidenfriedhof auf Sai, Sokar 33, 2016, 60–67.


Budka, Julia, Bichrome Painted Nile Clay Vessels from Sai Island (Sudan), Bulletin de liaison de la céramique égyptienne 25, 2015, 331–341.

Budka, Julia, The Pharaonic town on Sai Island and its role in the urban landscape of New Kingdom Kush, Sudan & Nubia 19, 2015, 40–53.

Budka, Julia, The New Kingdom in Nubia: New results from current excavations on Sai Island, Egitto e Vicino Oriente 37 [2015], 55–87.

Budka, Julia, The Egyptian “Re-conquest of Nubia” in the New Kingdom – Some Thoughts on the Legitimization of Pharaonic Power in the South, in: Royal versus Divine Authority. Acquisiation, Legitimization and Renewal of Power, 7th Symposium on Egyptian Royal Ideology, Prague, June 26-28, 2013, ed. by F. Coppens, J. Janák & H. Vymazalová, Königtum, Staat und Gesellschaft früher Hochkulturen 4,4, Wiesbaden 2015, 63–82.

Budka, Julia, Ein Pyramidenfriedhof auf der Insel Sai, Sokar 31, 2015, 54–65.


Budka, Julia, Neues zur Tempelstadt der 18. Dynastie auf Sai Island (Nordsudan) – Ergebnisse der Feldkampagne 2014, Sokar 28, 2014, 28–37.

Budka, Julia, Review: The Power of Walls – Fortifications in Ancient Northeastern Africa, ed. by Friederike Jesse and Carola Vogel, Köln: Heinrich-Barth-Institut 2013, Militärgeschichtliche Zeitschrift 73, 2014, 464–467.

Budka, Julia, Review: Anne Minault-Gout and Florence Thill, Saï II. Le cimetière des tombes hypogées du Nouvel Empire (SAC5), FIFAO 69, Cairo 2012, Methodos [online], 14 | 2014, URL:


Budka, Julia & Florence Doyen, Living in New Kingdom towns in Upper Nubia – New evidence from recent excavations on Sai Island, Ägypten & Levante 22/23, 2012/2013, 167–208.

Budka, Julia, Die 18. Dynastie auf Sai Island (Nordsudan) – neue Puzzlesteine als Ergebnisse der Feldkampagne 2013, Sokar 26, 2013, 78–87.

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