Neogi Sayantani

I am a post doctoral researcher at the Department of Cultural Studies and Archaeology at Ludwig-Maximilians- University (LMU) Munich. I am part of the ERC Starting Grant project ‘AcrossBorders’ headed by Dr Julia Budka, hosted by the Institute for Egyptology and Coptic Studies within aforementioned department at LMU. In co-operation with McBurney Laboratory of Geoarchaeology, University of Cambridge, I am conducting geoarchaeological research in and around the New Kingdom Pharaonic town in the Nilotic island of Sai, Sudan.

I have completed my PhD in Geoarchaeology at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Charly French and Dr Cameron Petrie as part of an international interdisciplinary research project ( My thesis, entitled ‘Geoarchaeological Investigations of Indus Settlements in the Plains of Northwestern India’ explores the soil/sediment sequences associated with a series of archaeological sites dated between c.3000 and 1500 BC, belonging to the Indus Civilisation.  Primarily trained as a geomorphologist, I have a long-standing interest in understanding human-environment relationship. My expertise, therefore, is in micromorphological and petrographic analysis of soils and rocks in assaying palaeoenvironment and in understanding human influences in the ‘total environment’. Apart from working in Sudan and India, I have also participated in many projects in Europe, particularly in Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and England over the last 12 years.

Apart from being a capable and useful team member for several projects, I have several other transferable skills. For example, I am blessed with a personality which is friendly and tolerant. I have made deep and lasting friendships from most of the projects that I have been involved in. I am also an excellent cook (particularly curries) and I am always willing to make a decent cup of tea for everyone.

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