End of 2014 fieldwork in the Pharaonic town

Today was the last day of fieldwork at both SAV1 East and SAV1 West. We will continue with small scale cleaning and especially with final drawings and mapping at the site in the upcoming week – and will keep you posted!

At all trenches we were able to answer the most important questions – especially the western outline of Building A at SAV1 East was confirmed as was the outline of the enclosure wall at SAV1 West. I am really happy with the state of preservation – clearing the substantial disturbances, later pits and back fillings, we found nice 18th Dynasty floor levels and pavements still in place.

All together two more weeks will be dedicated to a post-excavation study season on Sai – this includes also the documentation of finds, finalising lists & databases, and photographs, registration of objects and ceramics as well as drawing of finds.

Fieldwork team 2014, Sai Island, Pharaonic town.

Fieldwork team 2014, Sai Island, Pharaonic town.

For now, special thanks go to our team of Sudanese workmen directed by Rais Imad Mohammed Shorbagi – without them the work would not have been possible in the last 6 weeks! We have been very lucky with weather and nimiti this year – the last days with heavy attacks suggest a perfect timing for closing fieldwork…

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