Highlights of the 2017 season: Tomb 26

Starting with post-excavation analyses and organizing all data collected during our weeks on Sai Island, the many highlights and working steps in Tomb 26 can be nicely illustrated by a selection of photos:

Start of work in Trench 4 along the North wall.

More and more human remains…

Entrance to Chamber 6 is getting cleaned! First finds and bones appear below the entrance, all covered and sealed by mud deposits.

Oh yes… remains of coffins in Chamber 6!

Highlight of this season – Khnummose’s beautiful stone shabti!

And his fabulous heart scarab…

This niche is not a niche but another chamber – start of work in Chamber 5!

Dense “occupation” in Chamber 5 and lots of complete pots!

Not only the highlight from Chamber 5, but one of the most beautiful objects from all of Tomb 26!

Finishing up documentation in Chamber 5…

2 thoughts on “Highlights of the 2017 season: Tomb 26

  1. dear
    firstly I would like to thank you for emerging our ancient history and a part from scientific analysis of your mission on sai island particularly tumb 26 most of people would like to see more pictures of the contents of that tumb 26 kindly keep posting them here

    • Dear Zahir, many thanks – much appreciated – of course we will keep posting new pictures and information on Tomb 26! My very best wishes, Julia

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