AcrossBorders’ Team

AcrossBorders was hosted from 12/2012 to 03/2015 by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the core team of scientists were employees of the Academy. With the appointment of Julia Budka as Professor in Egyptian archaeology and art at the LMU Munich, the project moved to Munich in April 2015 (until 11/2017).

Thanks to financial support by the LMU, AcrossBorders has it’s own team assistant:

The current scientific core team members are:

  • Dr Julia Budka (Principal Investigator of AcrossBorders – an Austrian Egyptologist and Archaeologist working in Egypt and Sudan since 1997)
  • Dr Johannes Auenmüller (PostDOC researcher of AcrossBorders, a German Egyptologists with a special interest in New Kingdom elites and prosopography)
  • Dr Giulia d’Ercole (PostDOC researcher of AcrossBorders, an Italian Prehistorian specialised in petrographical and chemical analysis of ceramics)
  • Martin Fera, MA (PostDOC researcher of AcrossBorders, an Austrian Prehistorian specialised, among others, in 3D documentation of archaeological fieldwork)
  • Dr Sayantani Neogi (PostDOC researcher of AcrossBorders, an Indian Geoarchaeologist specialised in landscape and environmental archaeology)
  • Oliver Frank Stephan, MA (PhD researcher of AcrossBorders, a German Egyptologist specialised in ceramics)
  • Dr Sean Taylor (PostDOC researcher of AcrossBorders, a British Geoarchaeologist specialised in the geoarchaeological investigation of site formation processes)
  • Jördis Vieth, MA (PhD researcher of AcrossBorders, a German Northeast African Archaeologist specialised in settlement archaeology)
  • Vanessa Becker (student assistant, a German student in Near Eastern Archaeology)
  • Daniela Penzer (student assistant, a German student in Egyptology)


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